3D Earth-Globe in Gimp

3D Earth-Globe in Gimp

Sphere Mapping a Rectangle on to a Globe

Create a 3D Earth Globe in Outer Space

Gimp vs Photoshop

Photoshop CS4 Extended comes with a powerful suite of 3D tools which allow you to create 3D objects and to refine them to your hearts content. Gimp also has some very useful 3D effects but generally you have to treat the objects as 2D layers once the 3D effect is applied.

Originally planned as a single video, this Gimp tutorial was in the end split into two videos both of which are available below. You'll find it better to view both in 720HD than in the default 480 resolution.

3D Earth Tutorial

Earth Globe Tutorial

The final earth globe image - In the end I went for a softer background by using more blur and lowering the opacity on the burn layer.


Image Resources for the Earth Globe Tutorials

This Gimp tutorial is loosely based on a PSD Tuts tutorial.

And requires resources from this excellent texture source and a large background image from Nasa.

If you find the tutorial useful then head over to Youtube (click on the video) and leave a comment, rate or subscribe for more tutorials.

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