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And Three New Gimp Books Arrive at Once

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Getting the Most Out of the Gimp

They are like buses. You wait for a year and then three come all at once. Well. Sort of. Three new Gimp books have been published recently and include GIMP 2.6 for Photographers by Klaus Goelker, a photographer who has also written books for Photoshop Elements.

The emphasis on photographers is welcome. After all Gimp was originally designed as a tool for image processing and eventhough it has found a place in the hearts of web designers due to the its flexibility, at its core it is still an image processing package. The book comes in both Kindle and Print edition (it's not clear whether the Kindle edition gives access to the CD-Rom however). The reviews so far seem rather good.

The other English book is the GIMP 2.6 Cookbook by Juan Manuel Ferreyra, and to underline the international popularity of Gimp, a massive manual for Gimp has been published by Pearson press in French and written by Olivier Lecarme.

A new edition of the acclaimed GIMP For Absolute Beginners by Jan Smith is scheduled for release later this year. Links to all the mentioned books can be found below. Whether the new edition will cover version 2.6 or the yet to be released version 2.8 is not clear, but the new tracking page for the release of version 2.8 is discussed below.

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Gimp 2.8 Preview

Teaser for next Tutorial

Boerewors all Natural Ingredients

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Mouth watering isn't it. No? No taste!

The Gimp Development

Roadmap to Gimp 2.8

The Gimp development team have devised a tracking system to estimate the release date for version 2.8. I wonder if this gives official sanction for users to complain if the deadline is missed? (LoL!)

Single Window Mode for Gimp

The most significant development is the introduction of single window mode which will allow for images to be neatly stored in a tabbed interface.

The old multi-window interface is still available for those who wish to use it.

Grouped Layers

The new grouping feature for layers also deserves a mention.

Latest Gimp Books

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