Digital Bokeh Effect in Gimp

Digital Bokeh Effect in Gimp

Faking Perspective Light Blurring

Digital Bokeh Effect in Gimp


Bokeh is the name given to the kind of blurring you get in a photo when a camera focuses on an object in the foreground, whilst there are points of light in the background. The term can also be applied to any blurred object in the background in such a photograph, not just lights.

The easiest way to get the bokeh effect therefore... is with a camera.

Trying to recreate the effect digitally turns out not to be the most straightforward of jobs. On the other hand the technique is capable of producing some pretty pleasant results. And along the way we learn how to create custom brushes in Gimp.

You can download some Pixovert Photoshop brushes in the Photoshop Bokeh article for use with Gimp.

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