Camera Raw - 5 of 5 - Sharpening and Noise Reduction

Camera Raw - Part 5 - Adjustment Brush

Hand-made Refinements

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Photoshop CS5 - Camera Raw - Part 5 of 5

The Adjustment Brush in Camera Raw

Become a Digital Picasso

This video covers the Adjustment Brush in Adobe Camera Raw.

This is the fifth and final video in our five part introductory series. This video works as an introduction to the use of the Adjustment Brush.

In this entire series, we've only got an introduction to the many features that make Adobe Camera Raw such a powerful tool. And we've only seen Camera Raw in action in away territory - away that is from its home ground of processing raw files. If there is one thing to make the typical Photoshop users want to dip into the power and flexibility of Camera Raw it is probably the Adjustment Brush

In this video we see how this tool can be made to easily apply a versatile range of changes to selected areas of the image - all without the fiddly exercise of having to define and create masks. And yet even here we are only scratching the surface of the capabilities of this tool, even as we have only scratched the surface of Camera Raw's capabilities in this entire series.

Camera Raw - Refinements Made by The Adjustment Brush
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