Bokeh Portrait Effect

Adding Bokeh Effects to Portait

Texture Integration in Photoshop CS5

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Creating A Bokeh Texture Overlay Using Two Photographs

In this video we are going to screen a bokeh photograph texture over a portait to produce a cool natural looking glow.

What is bokeh? Bokeh is the blurred part of an image either in the foreground or in the background. Depending on the lens and the composition, bokeh can add a pleasant aesthetic to an image. Frequently bokeh refers to the out-of-focus lights in a photograph - pin-points of lights distorted into orbs or polygons by the camera lens. Such lights can be integrated into photographs or movies as a kind of decoration or to add an impression of depth. Another important consideration is that bokeh is just pretty darned cool.

In a later video the bokeh texture is desaturated using an adjustment layer, but in this portrait I think the colours - although from completely different images - blend together reasonably well.

Bokeh Texture Integration
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