Photoshop CS6 - The Crop Tool - CS6 Beta New Feature #8

Photoshop CS6 - The Crop Tool - CS6 Beta New Feature #8

A Detailed Look at the Overhauled Crop Tool in Photoshop CS6

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Getting Used to 101 New Ways to Crop

Okay, perhaps there aren't exactly 101 new ways to crop in Photoshop CS6, and in fact, users of Adobe Lightroom, might not agree with the label new, but the fact is that the crop tool in Photoshop CS6 has seen perhaps the most radical changes to any of Photoshop's tools.

The new crop tool is a good deal better than the previous incarnation, but long time Photoshop users may not find the features easy or intuitive to use, so Adobe have added an emergency exit option. This video looks at the new crop tool features and how to customize them to meet your needs - and also how to get the old crop tool back if you feel the urge.

Crop Tool in Photoshop CS6
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