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So the Gimp Youtube Background Template video proved very popular, but let's face it, its a thirty minute video showing you how to use it and all many of you want to do is to download, open up Gimp, make simple pimps and upload... so the backgrounds you'll find here are ready for use.

Download the zip file, unpack the xcf file, open up in Gimp and pimp. If you want something that can be uploaded straight to Youtube then download the jpg.

Some useful tips to follow:

(1) Youtube currently states that it requires background images to be no larger than 256KB. So should you limit your image size to 256KB? Not really. Try ignoring the instruction... first try to upload your image at any size upto 950KB. With some uploads this allows for much better quality. Only if that fails should you consider reducing the image size to under 256KB. It shouldn't fail.

(2) If you would like to request a particular background or template, or if you're having any problems use the Pixovert Channel to make contact or use the support form at this site (make sure to include an email address).

(3) When you upload a template, it may not look right until you log out of your Youtube account because your Youtube Channel renders differently while you are logged in.

(4) More templates and other resources being added all the time. Remember to come back and check out new stuff available.

"Blue Something"

Download "Blue Something" Ready to Use

Background Colour: #321F79

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Download this file (Blue Something - 001-256KB.jpg)Blue Something - Ready to use 256KB JPG[Blue Something Ready to Use - Low Quality]238 Kb
Download this file (Blue Something - 001.jpg)Blue Something Ready to Use[Pixovert Blue Something Background (JPG)]489 Kb
Download this file (Blue Something - Pixovert Gimp Youtube Background.zip)Blue Something Gimp Template[Blue Something Gimp Template (XCF file)]4916 Kb
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