Colour Correction | Pixovert Basix #12 | Correcting Colour and Contrast in Photoshop

Correcting Colour and Contrast in Photoshop CS5

Using Levels Adjustment Layers to Fix Contrast and Colour Problems

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Sliders, Colour Pickers and the Auto Adjustment Menu

Photoshop has many different ways for dealing with contrast and colour adjustment, but some of the most powerful are to be found in the humble levels adjustment layer.

This video demonstrates three powerful ways of using Photoshops levels adjustment layer to fix poor contrast and for colour correction

  • *Sliders
  • *Colour Pickers
  • *Auto Adjustment Menu

Note: The image lacked contrast (a lot) more than is shown on the video. This is due to way the video is encoded on Youtube.

Contrast and Colour Correction in Photoshop CS5
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